Wednesday, December 22, 2010

5 months

I know I skipped months 3 and 4, but I will update as to why on another post!
Savannah turned 5 months on December 18, and man does time fly! She has completely and totally charmed her older brothers. Any sound of her unhappiness and they flock to her and sing songs, dance, and make silly faces to please her. They are like her trained little monkeys and she is saying, "Dance monkeys dance". She is really a calm baby for the most part, not too liberal with her smiles but happy non the less!
I am totally loving the whole girlie clothes, bows, and flowers. I went the Hobby Lobby and spent my birthday money on clip on bows and flowers for her and myself! Now I just need to find a cute way to store all my swag!
weight 17 lbs
height 25 1/2 inches

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Savannah's 2 months! She is getting so big it makes me excited and depressed all at the same time! I took her in for her 2 month check up and she handled it like a pro. Me on the other hand not so swell. I had butterflies in my stomach for two weeks, sweaty palms right before the nurse came in and I must admit I swooned a little at the sight of the needles. Savannah, she barely cried!
She is starting to sleep through the night! This means more sleep for me but does not mean that she is making the long scary transition to her upstairs room. NO WAY!! Mom is not ready for that just yet!

12 lbs 10 oz
23 1/2 inches

Friday, August 20, 2010


Savannah turned 1month on Aug 18. At her two week appointment she had gained 2 lbs and grown 2" since she left the hospital! The boys are in so much love with this little girl! In the picture above she is laying next to the Raggedy Ann doll that my mom made me when I was a little girl. I am so excited that I have a sweet princess to pass all my treasures to!


The Story
My due date was Aug 3 but my c-section date was scheduled for Wednesday July 21 at 6:00 am. My mom and dad were going to arrive the Monday before to watch our boys for a week while we adjusted, my bags were backed, a name picked out, told everyone that needed to be told what the schedule was, and alls we needed to do was sit back relax and wait for the day to come. Saturday I ventured out to pick up my friend and her kids from the airport and hung out with her until Jody came home to chill with me. That night I was very restless and anxious. I couldn't sleep so I hung out on the couch and watched SNL and infomercials until 2:00 am. At 3:00 am I rolled over in the bed and knew something wasn't right. I ran to the tub...My water had broke! After freaking out I calmly opened the door and told Jody what had happened. Thankfully my friend that I picked up from the airport 12 hrs earlier was home and lives down the street and answered the phone cause my parents hadn't even left Cedar yet!

When we arrived at the hospital we were informed my doctor was on vacation and a man that I had just been introduced to was going to deliver our baby. I was freaking out! Some stranger was going to cut into me! Being the awesome man that he is my husband held my hand and whispered very softly that this man was a professional and does these surgeries all the time. They wheeled me into the OR and called out 7:20 am as the start time. After a weird conversation about automatic fish feeders they called out "delivery time 7:26" and that is when I heard her!




Monday, July 12, 2010


My air-pop popcorn machine blew up tonight. HUGE bummer for me. I have always been a big fan of air popped popcorn. My husband doesn't understand, he prefers microwaved with extra butter...YUCK! And after a year of popping corn from a commercial machine for 300+ elementary kids, movie popcorn just grosses me out!
I can remember my dad saying that this was his special treat (air popped corn) and would only pop it after all of us kids would go to bed. I shared a room with my older sister Shalisse and she would always find a way to manipulate me into sneaking out to the living room to ask if we could stay up and have some with him. Without fail he would agree and we would climb up on his lap and eat his popcorn. The moment I moved out of my parents house I had to run to Walmart and purchase my own machine so I could have my comfort food! My air popper cost me $46 and has lasted close to 12 years:( If I wasn't set to deliver my 3rd child next week and the local Super Walmart wasn't so busy that I would have to park a mile away and hitch hike to the store and then get there and find out that they quit stocking them just last month, I would go right now buy one just so I could sleep easy tonight knowing that I had an air pop popcorn machine nestled on the bottom shelf in the island of my kitchen!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

When did I stop??

I was just about to say "Stop, real me in, I've changed my mind" when my older brother put the boat into gear and pushed down on the accelerator. My older brother is like any other, slightly reckless and loves to torment. As the inter tube launched over the first wake and I was trying desperately to hold on imagining the pain I would feel when I hit the water. When I landed I didn't feel pain I felt... pure JOY!! Memories of jumping off ten foot cliffs into a mound of sand, haystack jumping, riding my horse through the hayfield at break neck speed to be the first to reach the pivot and get drenched, crick (creek for you proper folks) jumping on my horse in the mountains. And then I was smacked in the face with the big question...When did I stop having fun? More importantly why?
Fun for me over the last year has been a day out where the boys don't fight. Having pleasant conversation with someone I just met. Watching a movie that had a good ending...BLAH! I need to find a way to turn myself around real fast! I am 28 not 68! I need to stop acting like an old lady before I become one. I need HELP! LOL

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Catch up!

Wow, how sad is it that I haven't updated this blog in 3 months? We have really started to feel at home only took 7 months! I have made some really good friends only to have them move away:( How sad for me!! Do not cry for me, my amazing out going personality has enabled me to make more friends! LOL!

There are SO MANY little boys in our neighborhood. Every night, planned or not, they meet in front of our house and ride scooters until the sun goes down. Good thing I have a well stocked freezer full of Otter Pops!

We have also located an awesome spot to go sledding. Yes I said sledding. White Sands National Park is made up of, well white sand! We bought some sleds and the boys LOVE to go sledding. It is awesome because the sand is not hot. Crazy I know!

Corbin played baseball for the first time this spring. I wanted to sign him up for for T-ball since it was his first time, but he was too old so Machine Pitch it was. I shouldn't have been surprised that he took to it like a natural, but I was. He won the game ball 3 times! He is amazing!

The boys just finished up swim lessons and are now ready to go on vacation to Island Park, ID and then off to Mommy's hometown of American Falls, ID to go fishing and boating. I can't wait!